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Harvest Fest 2006
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Fall color, 2006
Viewed 2692 times
Here's looking at you...all of you
Viewed 2660 times
the youth's handiwork
Viewed 2613 times
There's the candy!
Viewed 2610 times
Roger the Clown
Viewed 2695 times
Bryson looking for the candy
Viewed 2634 times
The candy ghost
Viewed 2743 times
Julie takes another swing!!
Viewed 2708 times
I'm going to break it open!!
Viewed 2760 times
Jonathan,Kim, and Gary on the hayride
Viewed 2751 times
Zion's own "Dr. Phil"
Viewed 2778 times
"Mama Hen" Susan and some of the chicks
Viewed 2663 times
Preacher Steve teaching how to fish!
Viewed 2729 times
Connie's not so sure, Edward...
Viewed 2713 times
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