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Trip to Olen King's Ranch, Jan 7, 2006
It sure was COLD!
Viewed 1878 times
Jonathan Starr going down the pole
Viewed 1955 times
Jonathan Starr
Viewed 1926 times
Terri Gunter made it down
Viewed 1978 times
The Starr boys
Viewed 1898 times
"Just a swinging!"
Viewed 1931 times
Hard at work
Viewed 1949 times
Loading up the firewood
Viewed 1943 times
Roger showing them how it's done
Viewed 1986 times
How many men does it take...?
Viewed 1938 times
Splitting the wood
Viewed 1982 times
Still working...
Viewed 1970 times
Thankful for the wood splitter!
Viewed 1928 times
Donnie Thomas decided it was break time!
Viewed 1918 times
Jonathan trying out the swing
Viewed 1936 times
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